The goals of the company can be attained only through the commitment, involvement and satisfaction of each member of it.

Aiming to an ongoing improvement that is the basis for a sustainable development, Rössl e Duso LLC has decided to adopt and maintain a quality system based on shared tools to define and spread the approach to quality, safety and health on the workplace, both inside and outside the company.

Rössl e Duso LLC is a certified company for quality in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and it complies with the guidelines “Lavoro sicuro Inail SGSS”. Must be considered a priority: the compliance with current law about safety and health at work; the training and information given to each worker about the company risks based on his/her job role; the active participation and empowerment of the personnel; the prevention and reduction of the injuries; non-conformities, and customer complaints.

Furthermore, through the adoption of a Code of Ethics, the company also undertakes to: protect the dignity and the basic human rights of its employees; to manage, assess and develop its personnel and formalize their contracts. All the workers undertake to respect the principles of transparency and confidentiality, behaving with the utmost impartiality, politeness towards customers and suppliers, and rejecting any form of corruption.

During the recent years, Rössl e Duso LLC has been committing to raise awareness among staff, suppliers and contractors on environmental issues; such as: the sustainable management and optimization of natural resources and energy paying particularly attention in reducing the waste; the prevention of the environmental pollution; the decrease of one’s overall impact in terms of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere; the rationalization of the resources; the energy efficiency; and the promotion of a circular economy.

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