L'azienda oggi




32.000 mq sq. m



100 employees




Rössl e Duso LLC specializes in precision mechanical machinings (i.e. boring machining, milling machining, turning, grinding) for the manufacturing of medium and large sized part, in forged, cast and/or milled steel, in natural state or heat treatment; assembled groups and machines/plants in accordance with the requirements and technical specifications of its customer. The machinings are carried out by computer numerical control machine centers. The long-established corporate culture and business strategy have led this state-of-the-art machine shop to aims at the internalization of subcontracting mechanical machinings, accepting more and more complex but stimulating professional challenges, in order to meet and reply promptly to the dynamic requirements of products customization which are required both by the national and 

international market. Continuous investments in the technological updating of the plants, equipment and skills of the personnel employed; process optimization; an accurate policy and control of quality, safety, health and environment; as well as the strategic selection of its suppliers, have allowed Rössl e Duso LLC to place itself as a leader in mechanical constructions for the energy and mechanical components industry. Our facility covers more than 32,000 square meters of which 20,600 are uncovered and 11,400 are covered. The spread out of our factory, which is designed for the assembly line, was completed in August 2020. This, together with the spray booth (completed in October 2020), allows Rössl e Duso to operate in the production cycle, satisfying customer requests and providing complementary services through a 360 ° core business.