To reach increasingly higher goals, and meets customer requirements (overall in the energy sector) Rössl e Duso LLC has acquired, during the years, a long and invaluable expertise in assembling medium-large sized mechanical components. Among which:

— Miner fans;

— Turbine Shafts;

— Distributors;

— Turbine Housings.

For some energy sectors, our company is able to carry out the complete assembly of the refurbished component, tested (with all the needed accessories) and ready to be installed directly on final destination. We also provide a customer care service comprising: an adequate packing and shipment of the component. The packaging is performed according to the relevant standards determined by the type of transportation which the goods will be subjected to (e.g. transport by sea or by land) and through a process of maximum safety, efficiency and conservation of them.

Hydro turbine distributor. Assembly in Rossl e Duso.


Mining Fan