In addition to precise mechanical machinings, Rössl e Duso LLC specialized in assembly and refurbishment of mechanical components in some energy sectors.

The revamping involves a feasibility study, an analysis of the performance, and the development of a project. Once the evaluation and analysis have been carried out, our team of experts will interface with the customer to obtain the approval of the project. The customer is informed at each stage of the latter.

The standard process involves the following steps or actions:

— Evaluation of the feasibility of the refurbishment;

— Performance analysis and project development;

— Approval of the project by the customer;

— Dismantling of the components or of the existing line;

— Machining of the new components or reconstruction of the existing parts;

— Performing non-destructive tests;

— Shipment of the assembled and packed component directly to the final destination (i.e. the power plant).

The refurbishment allows to: improve every single component of the plant, increase the efficiency and the life cycle of the plant in itself, besides decreasing ordinary maintenance costs.