In 2020, among the various services offered by Rössl e Duso Srl, painting is also available. The new sandblasting and painting booth has the capacity to contain pieces with maximum dimensions of 14,000 X 6,000 mm, for a height of 4,000 mm.
This service allows us to satisfy more effectively any customer request. In addition to the anti-corrosion protective coating service (according to customer technical specifications and related ASTM/ISO international standards), we provide Grit/Shot Sandblansting by preparing steel substrate before applying the paints and carrying out the Bresle method (extraction of soluble contaminants for analysis) and Soluble salts. Together with the Bresle method we perform: test on the surface roughness; the Dust Test and test through Almen specimen; the measurement of dry Film thickness; the Pull-off test for adhesion and/or the X/Cross-cut test.
We carry out the painting process mainly with zinc, polyurethane and epoxy paints.