Thermal energy can be transformed into other forms of energy, for example it is transformed into electrical energy in thermoelectric and thermonuclear, geothermal and solar thermodynamic power plants.

The gas turbine is the most widely used prime mover in the world both for the production of electricity and for operating machines. This fact is due to the recent great progress that has been made especially in terms of performance, reliability and availability. Furthermore, future technological developments are very promising: in fact, although great progress has been made, there is still the potential for significant improvements. With reference to competing technologies (conventional steam plants and alternative engines), the gas turbine represents a younger technology and it is in a phase of further development." Enea-Roma.

Rössl e Duso LLC is able to perform mechanical machinings and assembled gas turbine components suitable for the production of electricity through the conversion of gas into electricity.

In addition to gas turbines, our company can perform mechanical machining on:

— Discs;

— Turbine discs;

— Compressor rings;

— Turbines casings;

— Rotors.