According to the definition of “Hydro Power”: flowing water creates energy that can be captured and turned into electricity. In terms of installed generation capacity and energy efficiency, hydropower is the most exploited renewable energy source in the world, as well as in Italy.

Rössl e Duso LLC has been working together with the most significant world-wide hydro power industry corporations for years. It’s been a while that, besides machining and assembling mechanical parts, our company is able to supply to its customers technical assessments and specific proposals of refurbishment of some hydro power components (the so-called: “revamping assessment”), interfacing and liaising with them for each step of the developed project.

Here below, some examples of our finished machined and assembled parts:

— Turbine shafts;

— Pelton, Francis, Kaplan turbines;

— Generator shafts;

— Runner hubs;

— Director blades;

— Complete distributors.

rotor spider
pelton turbine